Everything You Need to Know About In Vitro Fertilization

Having children is one of the biggest milestones every couple can experience. However, due to certain health-related factors, not everyone can bear a child. If you are one of these people and you’ve tried every infertility treatments but still can’t conceive a child, then you might consider having an IVF treatment. Moreover, here’s what you need to know before selecting from a list of IVF clinics Sydney has to offer.

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the process of combining the sperm and eggs outside the human body in a laboratory. Once a fertilized egg (embryo) is formed, it will then be implanted inside the uterus. This procedure is done through the extraction of the woman’s egg and her partner’s sperm. However, in some cases, this process may involve getting eggs or sperm from a stranger or from the patient’s acquaintance.

IVF is a highly complicated procedure and the price is practically an arm and a leg. Hence many couples who have tried various infertility treatments consider it at the last possible option. However, since its debut in the USA in 1981, IVF possessed high success rates resulting in over 200,000 live birth.

IVF was a baffling procedure for infertility not so long ago and the product was then referred to as a “test tube baby”. However, IVF is generally commonplace nowadays. In fact, many obstetricians from Sydney IVF clinics propose it as one of the best solutions to couples who can’t bear children.

When Shall IVF Be Done?

IVF is basically a God-sent solution for couples who have been trying to have a child. However, you can’t just walk in an IVF clinic and decide you want to avail of the procedure. Most physicians from IVF clinics Sydney-based will recommend trying other infertility treatment options which are less invasive.

Moreover, IVF will be suggested as the principal treatment for patients with the following health concerns:

· Irregular Ovulation

· Endometriosis

· Blockage in the fallopian tube

· Premature ovarian deterioration

· Uterine tumours (fibroids)

· Prior tubal ligation

· Below average sperm production

· Patients undergoing cancer treatment

Questions about selecting the best IVF Clinics Sydney has to offer

· How many embryos will be needed and what is the pregnancy rate?

· What is the live birth success rate at your clinic for the past years?

· What is the chance rate for multiple births and how is it handled?

· How much will the whole procedure cost?

More Information about IVF

After about two weeks after the embryo implantation, your physician will take a sample of your blood to test if you’re pregnant. If you are, then he will refer you to an obstetrician in any of the local IVF clinics in Sydney. However, if the treatment doesn’t work, you might need to try another round of IVF procedure. By then, your physician will suggest some alternative steps to increase the chances of pregnancy.


Everyone now has the chance of seeing one’s offspring. Remember to seek help only from the reputable IVF clinics Sydney has to offer.

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